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I am Mistress Camile Jansen and 10 years active as Cyber Dominatrix. You can find me dayly behind my webcam where you can submit yourself to My sadistic humaliations.

Are you searching for a sexy but strict Dominatrix who you wanna serve? Are you curious or just experimenting with your favorite fetish?  We can play for an hour but 24/7 by Kik, Whatsapp, teamviewer and webcam is also possible.

Now you have the change to get in contact in My chatroom .

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In the past 10 years I got a lot of questions like: Which chastity belt do you recommend or which butplug do You like.
In My slaveshop I made a selcetion of toys I recommend or just find beautifull.

I offer you these toys not only for a sharp price but also when you buy a chastity belt you get a free week key save service (worth €63,00) as a gift.
Purchase also the special delivery by Me and you can give Me your key yourself.


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The last few years I stumbled across a lot of different kind of fetishes. From the familiair footfetish till the bizar fetish of car crushing.
I am open for almost al kind of play so don't be shy to share your fantasy with Me.

Also this year I will organize a few cashmeetings for my moneyslaves. 
Every month I visit a different provence and you have the change to meet me.

Follow me on YouTube for the exact locations


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Are you sm-curious and do you want to talk anonymous about your feelings and fantasies? I am dayly online with My webcam where you can discuss anything with me.

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